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Secur-Guard USA 

Surveillance and Security Services


Our expertise in providing security solutions for automotive parking and storage lots has saved our clients thousands of dollars while also providing them the security they desire for their property.


Over 19 years of providing security services to the automotive industry !!!

















Security Services

Since we deal directly with our customers and own the security service, our clients can be assured that they are always receiving professional security services.


Secur-Guard USA, Inc

10950-060 San Jose Blvd. #336

Jacksonville, Florida. 32223



FAX: 904-399-0384




Asset Tracking

In addition to our unmatched skill in providing the best surveillance systems and security services in existance, we also offer additional solutions, such as Asset Tracking Systems, in order to meet all of our clients security concerns.


 Ask about our security guarantee! The only one in the market!



































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