Criminals, Victims, and Their Attorneys' Target Car Dealerships Nationwide for Big Lawsuit Payouts - Auto Dealers Be Warned, Don't Be Liable

If your auto dealership has ever been a victim of car theft - then you know it can be a blow to your bottom line. You are left to deal with the daunting tasks of handling police reports, vehicle damage disclaimers, and insurance claims. All of this is a major headache that could have been prevented.

What happens if a crime is committed in a vehicle that was stolen from your dealership lot? Are you liable?

This is exactly why Criminals, Victims, and their Attorneys are suing local dealerships across the country - and it's paying off big.

With over 25+ years of protecting Automobile Dealerships across the United States, we have noticed an increase of dealerships being sued and paying large settlements or judgments in the last several years.



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