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Protecting Dealerships since 1995


Secur-Net offers businesses a way to reduce their security guard costs by 20% to 50%. For many of our clients, this represented an immediate savings of thousands of dollars per month, while experiencing greater service than their old security guard service.

How can Secur-Net provide such superior protection at a fraction of your current cost?

We combine human intelligence with the latest advancements in video surveillance technologies. This provides a comprehensive security field of protection for your business. Secur-Net provides and installs, at no cost to the dealer, an elaborate video surveillance camera system at every location we guard. This camera system alerts our remote guard to intruders and allows the guard to view the entire dealership simultaneously. As an extra added benefit, the surveillance system also provides the dealer with a powerful management system to reduce liabilities and improve employee performance. Our monitoring personnel transforms passive video surveillance from a reactive to a proactive service. This service can process and identify suspicious people and intelligently alert proper authorities to their location and actions, which require an immediate response before a crime can be committed. This shift to intelligent live remote video surveillance monitoring is the future of security, as traditional methods of guard service can no longer support nor meet heightened security demands. The enhanced situational awareness provided by us makes it a much more valuable and cost effective solution as well as a powerful service to guard against threats, both internal and external.

A proven success record of over 20+ years of continuous service makes our services far superior to any other guard, security, or video surveillance monitoring company in business today guaranteed.

Secur-Net is an outdoor protection specialist. We provide security for auto dealerships, office complexes, ATMs, equipment warehouses, trucking facilities, shopping centers, general aviation centers, school buildings, electric substations, parking garages, utility substations, storage yards, and more. We are the pioneers of remote live video surveillance. For over 23 years we have been saving countless amounts of money for car dealerships like yours. We know that there are many ways crime can negatively affect your profits bottom line because we’ve pioneered this industry. Whether it’s vehicle theft, vandalism damage, court fees, or insurance rates skyrocketing, our remote live video surveillance team will watch your property and act quick. We have a highly trained team of professionals that observe, analyze and act accordingly to watch over your dealership at all times. When our team sees suspicious activity, we call the police, often before criminals break into vehicles and cause damage, theft, or loss of outdoor assets. Not only do we prevent crime before it happens, but we put together an extensive follow-up report for your convenience. In addition to our unmatched skill in providing the best surveillance systems and security services in existence, we also offer additional solutions, such as vehicle access/gate systems, and employee access controls to meet all of our client’s security concerns. Since we deal directly with our customers and own the security service, our clients have peace of mind that they are always receiving professional security services.

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